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The best game accessories are made with DragonFire™

Under Re-Construction

We’ll be back soon with a completely redesigned site and some exciting news about our new expansion.

Fantasy adventure is in our blood

Whether building dice boxes or building worlds, Dragonfire Workshop is devoted to giving you the best & most enjoyable role playing game experiences..

Hand-crafted Dice Boxes

We handmake dice boxes with love & sweat in the United States then decorate them with laser engraving, choose one of ours or we can use your custom art.

Table Top Accessories

We make high-quality game accessories for your table top role playing adventures. Dice boxes, dice towers, and more.

RPG Adventures

We publish our fantasy adventures on DriveThruRPG.com. We are also working on posting information about our campaign setting, the World of Årth over on World Anvil, so you can follow us there as things develop.

Our Story

We’ve come a very long way to finally get here.

Game Masters for Hire

Running games is hard work and a massive time commitment, that means often no one in a group of friends has the time required to run a good campaign. This sad situation can be countered by employing a professional GM.

If you are interested in joining our guild of professional Game Masters, contact us.

special events

We are looking into sponsoring a few fantastic gaming events later this year, we’ll let you know as things develop.

Latest From Our Blog

Stay up-to-date with the comings and goings at the workshop by reading our blog posts below.

Artists Wanted

Artists Wanted

We are looking to license art for our dice boxes from our friends in the online TTRPG community. We know a lot of you are talented artists. Line art is the easiest to translate into engraving, but grayscale art can be used to create deeper engraving at the points with...

New Workshop

New Workshop

We started moving into our new workshop in Sandy, Utah today. We are busy getting the machines set up and building out a new website to feature the new products we'll be able to build here. Thank you for your support during the last year and making this expansion...

Table Rentals

Coffee Bean

Spacious Tables

Coffee Bean

Streaming Equipment

Coffee Bean

Game Masters Available

We are preparing to build our own custom game tables and soon you’ll be able to rent one to run your own special gaming events.

Come on In!

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Open by Appointment


Open by Appointment



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