Ambrosia Maple

Acer (various)

Ambrosia Maple is regular maple that has been attacked by the ambrosia beetle which spreads a fungus through the wood as it burrows, this in turn causes some very striking discolorations in the wood.

We offer two selections of ambrosia maple, the regular that has 50% or less discoloration and black ambrosia which has more than 50% discoloration. You can see the difference to the right. These are natural woods discolored through a process in nature, so each piece will be different, sometimes very much so.


Comparison between regular ambrosia maple and black ambrosia


Relative Hardness


Relative Price

Wood Type: Temperate hardwood
Average Dry Weight: 630 kg/m³ (39 lbs/ft³)
Specific Gravity: 0.63
Janka Hardness: 1200
Texture: Fine & even
Grain Pattern: Usually straight
Color: Variegated: pale to dark chocolate, sometimes with blue-gray streaks
Origin: North America