Flame Maple (Tiger Maple)

Acer saccharum

 Flame Maple or Tiger Maple is popular for musical instruments because of the cat’s-eye effect or chatoyance the wood gives. Its pale color and interesting grain makes it great to contrast with other darker woods when designing your dice box or tower.

You can learn more about chatoyancy, or a cat’s-eye effect be following the included link. The effect is difficult to film, but looks very nice in person.

rough-cut hex without sanding or finish


Relative Hardness


Relative Price

Wood Type: Temperate hardwood
Average Dry Weight: 720 kg/m³ (45 lbs/ft³)
Specific Gravity: 0.72
Janka Hardness: 1450
Texture: Even to fine
Grain Pattern: Straight to wavy
Color: Pale with distinct reddish-brown late wood lines
Origin: North America