Lairs of Lawlessness (5e)


The adventure Lairs of Lawlessness takes place on the edge of civilization. The local lord is a young knight, Aylard the Younger, who has just been given permission by his baron to build an outpost in the wilderness and tame the land. This area has been long populated by all manner of wild beasts and lesser humanoids, but there are signs that ancient civilizations once had a presence here as well.


Sir Aylard the Younger has sent out the word that he seeks adventurers, men-at-arms, and others of quality and resourcefulness, to aid in the clearance of the wildlands south of Orcspire. He promises generous rewards and even regular pay for those supporting his cause. Sir Aylard has built a Bailey upon a hill in anticipation of the great castle he will be able to build once the land is cleared of monsters and trade begins to flow through the region. Your party of young adventurers answers the call to find glory and riches amongst the Lairs of Lawlessness.

This adventure was made to serve as an introduction to fantasy role playing games. There are a wide variety of opportunities in this adventure for players to use their characters’ abilities and learn to interact with a fantasy role playing world. In this way, this Adventure Portfolio can be utilized for both novice players or experienced players starting a new campaign. This product is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with any game systems which are likewise compliant, including the 5th edition of the world’s oldest fantasy role playing game.

Over 75,000 words of fantasy adventure detailing more than 30 adventure locations, with more than 80 encounters. Lairs of Lawlessness plants seeds which grow into major arcs in your campaign.

NOTE: This version is for the 5e rules set. The 3e ruleset version is also available. Both 5e and 3e versions of Fantasy Grounds virtual table top adventures are available.


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